The NU-ROOF project is a research project funded by the European Commission and carried out by a consortium of 13 Research Companies, Universities and Industries. The project has a budget of 4.5 M€ and it is coordinated by Antonio De Ferrari, D’Appolonia S.p.A. The project has been awarded as "success story" by the European Commission, as stated in the official review report released in April 2013.

The NU-ROOF project has succesfully achieved two main objectives. The first objective was to develop a new range of waterproof membranes based on non woven textile technologies with self healing, self diagnosis and reflective properties. The research focused on the integration of a new class of nanomaterials specifically developed to enhance the membrane properties.

Figure 1: example of traditional flat membrane waterproofing and insulation system

Figure 2: the NUROOF concept

Second objective was to provide the Roofing Associations with a knowledge-based platform that will help their associates in the introduction of the next generations of roofing products.

Figure 3: functional description of the Knowledge Based Platform